Benefits of fixed glass rooflights

Flat fixed rooflights are a great way to allow natural light to flow into your home in a modern stylish contemporary way, whilst also maintaining all the insulation properties within your home.  All our flat fixed skylights are manufactured using high performance toughened safety glass combined with warm edge spacer bar technology. The glass is glazed into a thermally broken aluminium frame to create an outstanding thermally performing rooflight unit suitable for installations in both domestic and commercial properties.

Thermally efficient

Glow glass flat fixed rooflights have been designed and manufactured specifically to meet the ever-increasing demands for new and improved thermally efficient products on the market that can be used in homes and commercial buildings to reduce energy usage and costs. Our rooflights can be made in either Double Glazed with a U-Value of 1.2 w/m2 or in Triple Glazed skylights which have an impressive centre pane U-Value of 0.7w/m2 which is 30% better than standard double glazing.

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Excess heat and glare caused by the sun can severely impact on the usage of some indoor spaces making them unbearable in the summer months.  Glow flat fixed rooflights can be manufactured using a solar control glass which reduces the amount of heat entering the building and the uncomfortable glare from the sun.  Solar control glass can eliminate the need for expensive air conditioning and blinds making the room a more comfortable inviting space without impacting on the light transmission into the room.

Privacy and quality

For properties that may be overlooked or require total privacy, Glow flat skylights can also be manufactured in an opaque privacy glass which provides total privacy whilst still allowing 75% of natural light to penetrate through the glass.  

If you would like to discuss your requirements you can call 0345 3400 200 and speak to one of our dedicated sales team who will be more than happy to discuss all your requirements and help you choose the best product for your property.

All our flat rooflights are all manufactured at our 55,000 feet factory on Merseyside and each skylight is custom made at no extra cost.  Therefore whilst with some companies you might see a dramatic increase in price if you vary from the standard size rooflights, with Glow Glass you can rest assured that should your project require non-standard sizes it will not impact greatly on the cost of your project.

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